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templatemo.comDisappointed by the poor results obtained with traditional medicine, the people like us, is more and more interested and open to experiment with different therapies, diets, fitness centers that can improve the health and beauty without giving too many side effects.

But far from being a modern phenomenon, there are natural remedies, disciplines and therapies really old, for example, we have no reliable information on the practice of traditional Chinese medicine for 5000 years old, practicum that traditional medicine can not boast of being compared to the very younger.

But to encourage more people to maintain or regain their health through alternative medicine (holistic), often it is the discoveries of modern physics and quantum biology.

A proven scientific basis on which to rest our beliefs in this regard there was given by A. Einstein revealing the simple truth that man is a manifestation of primary energy or vibration (the stuff of which we are composed is energy E=MC2) provided a medical model that considers the human being as a network of energy fields interacting in turn with the environment, also formed of other fields. Specifically, do not forget that we are a community of cells working together.

The treatments instead of traditional medicine are based on the model of Newton that he considered the real world as a material mechanism where our body is exclusively controlled only by the brain and peripheral nervous system. The body is not considered as a whole and in relation to the environment, but each part is designed and treated to separate and the whole is aimed to suppress the symptom rather than the resolution of the cause of what gives rise to the disease, or on the removal of those parts considered incurable. Of course, we recognize that it is useful if not essential in cases of fracture bones or organ transplantation accidentally damaged.

So we can choose to "have an energy imbalance" by balancing therapies, diets and treatments that emit useful energy waves or "being sick" and ingest chemicals that suppress the symptoms.


templatemo.comThe purpose of this site is to provide information and consideration as a cure or vibrational energy level to intervene, however, can be effective in balancing the cellular physiology of our body.

With this in each absolute freedom not only to believe in what he wants, but also the responsibility to choose the treatment, cure, nutrition, how to think and live more in harmony with nature. As our diseases there are also our choices when it comes to alternative medicine should mirror ourselves to be effective.

All the information you send are the result of research material on "authorized" and published available to anyone, not a substitute for medical advice unless ... is not you want to!

In conclusion: HEALTH, WELLNESS and BEAUTY at all!

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